The WTI offers

  • The flagship Master of International Law and Economics (MILE) - A one-year intensive graduate programme in international trade regulation (can also be taken part-time);
  • TRAIL+ – A one-year, intensive graduate programme in International Trade and Investment Law (LL.M.) combined with a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in International Law and Economics (can also be taken part-time);
  • Courses ‘à la carte’ – Weekly courses designed for public and private sector as well as civil society professionals. One week earns a Certificate of Attendance. Participants who have completed around 3 weeks of course work plus a scientific research paper can earn a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). If they complete around 8 weeks of course work plus a scientific research paper, participants can earn a Diploma in Advanced Studies (DAS);
  • Summer Academy – A three-week course covering cutting-edge issues in trade regulation and investment. Designed for professionals and higher-education students, the redesigned course follows two tracks: one focused on trade issues and the other highlighting investment topics;
  • A Doctoral Programme within the Graduate School of Economic Globalisation and Integration.